Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coffee and Funyuns

A few random anecdotes:
Yesterday, I saw a girl in one of my classes slowly unzip her leather jacket, stick her hand inside, slowly remove an individual-size bag of Funyuns, and stealthily hand them to her friend. Later, another student absent-mindedly unzipped his jacket, and a bag of Cheetos fell out onto the floor. I thought some of my kids were a little chubby, but apparently they are all just stuffing their outerwear with Frito-Lay products.

Last semester I was on "morning duty," standing by the door where all the bus-riders enter the building. All of a sudden I heard yelling down the hall. The shouts were coming closer and then a guy ran past me and started to bust through the doors. Right behind him was a fairly hefty young lady (she was the one doing the yelling). As her intended victim ran out the door, she threw a cup full of some disgusting coffee-type drink in his direction. Unfortunately, he had made his way out of the building by the time her beverage had launched, which meant that the drink ended up all over me instead. As she tossed her glass, she lost her balance and wiped out on the hall floor. She pulled herself up off the floor as I tried to process all that had just happened. I began wiping the coffee grounds off of my pants, waiting for her explanation/apology, but she just turned around and ran away. Absolutely no acknowledgement that she had just unloaded a glass of some nasty liquid all over a random teacher. (this is about how much attention most students pay to me) I spent the rest of the day explaining to people why my khaki pants were speckled.

The window repair man came to my classroom yesterday to examine the broken window situation. (An entire piece of glass shattered 2 weeks ago when a student tried to close a window. This is what happens in a building that is an historic landmark and therefore never gets updated...) The hole in the window happens to be right next to my desk, creating a perfect angle for the cold air to blow on me while I attempt to be productive. The repair man took a look at the window and asked, "Ain't y'all on the list of schools to be shut down?" When the custodian responded that we are on the list, the repair man replied, "Then I'm just gonna screw some plexi glass on the outside of the window. No need to go to too much trouble." And there you have it; the general attitude about our school until the blessed day when they finally shut it down in May!


  1. Ya'll should move to Auburn! We need an AP US History teacher.

  2. Um, you should not move to Auburn. That's entirely too far away. :-)

  3. Wow... At least the cold air won't blow on you anymore.